Risk Management Division


The City of Lake Stevens is a member of the Washington Cities Insurance Authority (WCIA), which is a liability-property pool with over 125 members. The City’s Risk Management Division processes citizens’ tort claims against the City and provides loss control and risk management support services to other City departments.

Before filing a tort claim against the City, please read the instructions, and the Claim for Damages form in its entirety. Claim for Damages forms are available at Lake Stevens City Hall, 1812 Main Street, Lake Stevens, or can be downloaded below. Note that the length of investigation into a claim will vary greatly depending on the complexity of the issues and the availability of documents and witnesses to substantiate causation and damages.

Claim forms cannot be submitted electronically (via e-mail or fax) at this time because of the requirement that they be signed by the claimant, and because of the necessity of accurately documenting receipt date and time.

Claim for Damages Forms & Instructions

Washington State Standard Tort Claim Form #SF 210

Note: If you use this form to submit a tort claim against the City, you must submit the completed form and supporting documents to the address below.
All Claim for Damages Forms and supporting documents should be submitted to:
Lake Stevens City Hall
Attn: Teri Smith
Agent for Service of Claims
P.O. Box 257 
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Claim Agent's

Business Hours:

Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Contact Teri Smith, Agent for Service of Claims at 425-377-3227