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Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Parks & Recreation

Lake Stevens provides a variety of recreational activities:  lake access, open spaces, parks, trails, & panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains.  There are nearly 195 acres of parks, trails, and open space within or adjacent to the city available to Lake Stevens residents and visitors.

The city of Lake Stevens does not have a formal Parks & Recreation Department; rather, different departments share Parks & Recreation responsibilities.
  • The Planning Division is responsible for long-term parks planning, in conjunction with the Park & Recreation Planning Board.
  • The Public Works staff maintains parks facilities. Other regional agencies provide additional recreation facilities and opportunities.

Parks Inventory

 City Parks & Recreation Facilities  County Parks & Recreation Facilities 

 Other Recreational Opportunities
  • Lake Stevens Rowing Club (LSRC)
  • Lake Stevens Junior Athletic Association 
  • North Cascades Crew (Rowing Club)
  • Sno-Isle Library
  • Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Reserve a Facility
    If you are interested in renting an available city facility, please consult the City Facilities page. If you are interested in a special use permit, please consult the General Applications & Handouts page

    Park Rules 
    Title 10 of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code contains the city’s regulations for parks and recreation facilities including parks, trails, open spaces, and water bodies.

    Parks Maintenance and Operation Plan 
    There are two basic types of parks within the City:  Community and Local.  Community parks are those parks that are considered to be designations for the City residents and surrounding area.  Local parks are those that are typically located within a specific development and service the surrounding residential area.  Community Parks and Local Parks are maintained at defined levels of service with Community receiving a more manicured treatment with Local receiving a lower level of service.  The City follows a guideline in providing maintenance and repairs based on a Park Facility Maintenance and Repairs Management Plan.