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City Hall
P.O. Box 257 (mailing)
1812 Main St. (physical)
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Public Works News Brief
Lake Stevens Eurasian Milfoil Management
Aquatechnex will be evaluating the Eurasian Milfoil growth present in Lake Stevens and will be setting the treatment date and locations.  They will update this link https://lakestevensmilfoil.wordpress.com with the relevant information.

Snow and Ice Plan
Every year in October, the City prepares for snow and ice.  The process is performed on a priority system that focuses service on snow removal and ice control on major roadways based on teh function of a roadway, traffic volume, and importance to the general public's welfare.  Residential streets typically are not services during a snow and ice event.  The City follows the guidelines of a Snow & Ice plan which can be viewed by selecting this link. 

Fresh Water Public Swimming Beach Regulations
The Snohomish Health District Sanitary Code Chapter 7.1.2 requires property owners, or agencies, to provide education for swimmers at Fresh Water Public Bathing Beaches. The education must include written educational material easily available for users and provide easily visible signs at all times at the beach. Please review the Snohomish Health District Sanitary Code for additional information.

Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan
Each year the City prepares a six-year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) that identified transportation type project that are under consideration during that time period. The TIP provides information to State and Local agencies for coordination and planning for transportation needs.

WSDOT SR 9 / SR 204 Intersection Study Improvement Project
WSDOT SR 9 - SR 204 Intersection Study Improvement Project
Washingtion State Department of Transportation performed a study of this intersection from 2010 through 2012 to determined the future layout for operations and safety.  The SR 9/SR 204 is one of the critical links from the I-5 corridor and the SR 9 corridor.  A final report can be viewed at
SR 9 - SR 204 Final Pre-design Report