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Lake Stevens Police
2211 Grade Rd.
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Owner Responsibilities
Leashes & Trespassing
All dogs off of their own property must be on a leash. No owner may allow a pet (cat, etc.) to trespass upon the property of another.

Excessive Barking
Excessive barking / animal noises are prohibited. It is unlawful to keep an animal which excessively barks, whines, howls, or makes a noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of persons in the neighborhood. To report a noise violation, call 9-1-1 when the barking becomes excessive and disruptive. Officers must observe the dog barking and have a complaint to take enforcement action.

Scooping Requirements
  • You must have the necessary equipment to remove fecal matter when accompanied by your animal off your property.
  • The pet owner is responsible for removing fecal matter on public or non-owned private property before leaving the area.
  • Feces must be removed at least every 72 hours from areas where animals are kept.