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City Hall
P.O. Box 257 (mailing)
1812 Main St. (physical)
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Long Range Planning
Long Range Planning Long range planners prepare land use plans and municipal code amendments with input from the public, Planning Commission, Parks Board, and City Council. 

Special Plans – special plans include master plans, subarea plans, and other plans that augment the Comprehensive Plan.

Special Plans

Subarea Plans

Code Development –
the city is currently developing several codes to implement the comprehensive plan, related special plans, and state law.

    Temporary Limitations on Building Heights
    RV Amendment

Code Development Projects

Current Staff Report

Draft Regulations

State Environmental
Policy Act
 Public Notice
 Critical Areas Code Amendment
 Critical Areas Code Amendment  Current Draft Ch 14.88 SEPA determination
 Clearing and Grading Code Amendment
 Clearing & Grading Code Amendment      
 Building Code Amendment
 Draft Amendment                  Notice of Public Hearing