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City Hall
1812 Main St.
P.O. Box 257
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Current Planning
http://www.lakestevenswa.gov/Admin/Current Planning – current planners review a variety of permits for development projects ranging from small remodels to major subdivisions.  In addition current planners review special events and business licenses. 

Major projects - staff is currently reviewing several development projects that require public notice, listed below.

Current Projects

LUA2016-0191 Lyons Gate II Rezone Notice of Public Hearing
LUA2016-0174 Lyon's Gate I Notice of Public Hearing
LUA2017-0002 The Refuge Preliminary Plat notice of Hearing
LUA2017-0019 Wagner Hills Notice of Land Use Application
LUA2017-0030 Eagle Glen North NOA
RV Code Amendment Public Hearing
LUA2017-0034 Notice of Land Use Application Administrative Conditional Use/SEPA

LUA2017-0042 and LUA2017-0043 Nourse Binding Site Plan and Public Meeting
LUA2017-0002 The Refuge Notice of Determination of Non-Significance
LUA2017-0011 Shadowhawk Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance
LUA2017-0040 Knutsen Final Short Plat Notice of Application
LUA2017-0019 Wagner Hill Preliminary Plat Notice of Planned Action Certification
LUA2017-0043 Nourse Right of Way Dedication Public Hearing
LUA2017-0049 Mattison Preliminary Short Plat Notice of Application
LUA207-0052 Sunset Hills Rezone Notice of Application