Shoreline Master Program

City Accepting Public Comments on SMP Amendment between November 7 and December 7, 2022; Public Hearing Scheduled for December 7
The City of Lake Stevens is proposing minor updates to its SMP utilizing the joint review process with the Department of Ecology outlined in WAC 173-26-104 and summarized in this guidance document. The city's SMP update intends to resolve inconsistencies between the SMP and the Lake Stevens Municipal Code (LSMC) regarding permissible uses in the Shoreline Residential environment designation and to acknowledge and reference the city's current Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO), which was evaluated in Appendix B of the city's 2019 SMP periodic update.

As part of the joint review process, the proposal is subject to a 30-day public comment period (November 7-December 7, 2022) and a joint public hearing with the Department of Ecology. The SMP amendment also requires a 60-day notice to the Department of Commerce (Submittal ID 2022-S-4458) and review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). 

The public hearing is scheduled before the Lake Stevens Planning Commission on Wednesday, December 7 at 6:00 pm. Oral testimony will be accepted both in person (The Mill at Lake Stevens, 1808 Main Street, Lake Stevens) and via Zoom (link to be provided on this page and city website calendar by late November). 

The following materials are available for review as part of the city's update process:
Written comments can be submitted through December 7 by email ( or mail (Lake Stevens City Hall, Attn: David Levitan, PO Box 257, Lake Stevens, WA 98258). 

What is a Shoreline Master Program (SMP)?
Shoreline Master Program (SMP) regulates uses and development along Lake Stevens and other waters of the state - Stich Lake, Catherine Creek, and Little Pilchuck Creek - as well as their shorelands, which are defined as areas within 200 feet of the ordinary high water mark (OHWM). The city adopted its first SMP in 2013, and completed a mandatory periodic review in 2018-2019. 

Periodic Review 2018-2019
The city completed a mandatory periodic review of our SMP in 2019. Staff reports and draft materials can be found below. 

January 9, 2019 Public Open House Presentation: Click here for staff's presentation
Planning Commission Meetings were held February 6 and 20, 2019. 
DRAFT SMP Update Report , Joint Hearing Staff ReportDraft SMP RegulationsProposed Map Designation Change 

Other supporting documents: