Police Support Officer

The Lake Stevens Police Department Police Support Officer (PSO) is a limited-commission police officer who provides a supporting role to Patrol of the department. The PSO provides a wide variety of support services to patrol officers, citizens, and visitors of Stevens.  These services include:

Animal Control Officer
The PSO is an animal control officer who responds to calls regarding aggressive pets, excessive animal noise, well-being checks of domestic animals, lost and found pets, cruelty / neglect cases, and more. To see more regarding this portion of the police support officer’s position, please review our 
animal control information.

Code Enforcement
The PSO works in partnership with the City’s Code Enforcement Officer in responding to complaints regarding storage of disable vehicles, garbage and debris in a public right-of-way, invasive vegetation, and other violations to the Lake Stevens Municipal Code.

Crime Prevention
The PSO patrols the city and works closely with residents regarding suspicious activities, littering, and excessive noise complaints.

Public Assistance
The PSO responds to various human assistance calls such as disabled vehicles, keys locked in vehicles, and locked vehicles with children or animals inside.

Parking Enforcement
The PSO responds to all parking complaint calls and enforces parking laws within the City of Lake Stevens. With a zero-tolerance policy to violators who park in handicap zones, the police support officer diligently monitors parking lots with handicap parking areas.

Support to Patrol Officers
At times of collisions and traffic hazards, the police support officer directs traffic, removes debris from the road, and assists towing companies in removing blocked vehicles. The PSO responds to disabled vehicle calls, where they assist by jump starting vehicles and pushing disabled vehicles to a safe area.