School Resource Officers

Out of the box learning is an effective tool for education and one that School Resource Officers utilize simply by showing up. Taking a break from what can be mundane school work, kids get a chance to drill officers while learning all the while.

This program works in collaboration with school staff, parents, the communities social service organizations, and of course the students to provide a safe school environment.

The primary goal is to hold juveniles responsible for their actions and prevent individual patterns from developing into those of delinquency. This is done through other program objectives:

  • Prevention of crime or delinquent behavior by juveniles in their assigned areas. 
  • Friendly contact between the police department and the youth of the City of Lake Stevens. 
  • Assistance and realistic information during times of stress and crisis. 
  • Education of young people regarding the role of laws and courts, and police society. 
  • Investigation of cases involving juveniles and use of effective alternatives to court.
If you have any questions about who your School Resource Officers are, e-mail us!