Animal Control

Animal control isn’t just about dog bites and stray cats. While it’s certainly something we take care of, animal control focuses on the proper care of animals in Lake Stevens and how it ensures public safety. Here’s an overview of animal control services in Lake Stevens: 

Pet Licenses
Pet licensing is your first defense against lost pets. This is a tool, not a regulation so that animal control can return this little family member back to you. So, that there are more reunifications than not, all dogs and cats are required to have a pet license in Lake Stevens and need to wear them. They are inexpensive and easy to obtain from City Hall. Check out Pet Licensing page or contact City Hall at (425) 622-9400.

Lost & Found/Strays

When lost pets are found, we reach out to you so that you can quickly reunite. In the meantime, a log is kept at the Lake Stevens Police Department where animals may be temporarily held. Depending on things like weather, staffing, and load, pets may be moved to the Everett Animal Shelter. Please keep in mind, the call-log is not all inclusive, so do contact all local shelters to see if your furry friend has made his way there.

  • Everett Animal Shelter - 425-257-6000
  • Lake Stevens Police Department at 425-622-9401

Return of Pets

An attempt is made to return all licensed pets to their owners as soon as possible and a lost and found pet log is kept at the police department. The log is not all-inclusive, and pet owners are encouraged to check with local shelters. It remains the responsibility of the pet owner to locate their missing pet.

Dangerous & Wild Animals

Bears, alligators, crocodiles, rear fanged snakes – what do all these animals have in common?

They’re wild animals, inherently dangerous, and prohibited in Lake Stevens. It is a misdemeanor to own any such animal so please, don’t.

Other such wild animals included in this list (but not limited to):

  • Members of the cat and dog family not customarily domesticated by man (including hybrids)
  • Venomous and devenomized reptiles
  • Snakes reaching over 10 feet

Dog Bites

All dog bites must be reported. All reported dog bites are investigated, and the appropriate and applicable procedures are implemented such as quarantine requirements and dangerous dog / potentially dangerous dog requirements.

Animal Cruelty

 Animal cruelty is a crime. Don’t do it, don’t let others. All reports will be fully investigated and as appropriate, prosecuted.

Owner Responsibilities

To find information for owners, including leash and trespassing rules, scooping requirements, and excessive barking details, see Owner Responsibilities.