Owner Responsibilities

Basic violations Animal Control comes out to address are simple ones you can take care of by simply being a responsible pet owner.

Leashes & Trespassing

All dogs off of their own property must be on a leash. No owner may allow a pet (cat, etc.) to trespass upon the property of another.

Excessive Barking

Your pets miss you when you’re gone. We’re sure you know this, but the entire neighborhood does not need to. We want your pet to be happy and a dog who barks, whines, howls, or makes other noise that disturbs the peace and quiet of your neighborhood is not happy. To report a noise violation call 9-1-1 or the non-emergency line at 425-407-3999. Officers must observe the dog barking and have a complaint to take enforcement action.

Scooping Requirements

Dogs love to walk! And we want you to walk them. But please be prepared to care for them – and what they leave behind – on your walk. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Bring the necessary equipment to remove your pets fecal matter when not on your own property.
  2. Remove your pets fecal matter before leaving the area.
  3. Feces must be removed at least every 72 hours from areas where animals are kept.

Your dog will thank you – and so will we!