How the City Will Respond to Your Request


Upon receiving a request for records, the city will respond within five business days in one of these ways:
  • Providing the record
  • Acknowledging receipt of the request and providing a reasonable estimate of the time the city will need to respond to the request
  • Denying the records request

Why Additional Time May Be Required

 Additional time may be required to respond to a request because of the need to seek clarification, to locate and assemble the information requested, to notify third-parties or agencies affected by the request, or to determine whether any of the information requested is exempt and that a denial should be made as to all or part of the request (RCW 42.56.520).

The Public Records Act (PRA) requires public records requests to be for existing, identifiable public records. Keep in mind, requests asking for explanations or asking questions are not requests for existing, identifiable public records under the PRA.

If you do not receive a response within five days, contact the Public Records officer at (425) 377-3225 to determine the reason.