Union Agreements

Unions are a strong part of the City of Lake Stevens work force and include Police Officers, Public Works employees, and others. These are valuable citizens and contribute greatly to the city’s success. Below you can read about the agreements the City has entered into with the local unions that provide us valuable services.

Teamsters Union Agreement 2020-2022

Guild Commissioned Agreement 2018-2020

Guild Commissioned MOU Article 1_Janus 2018-2020

Guild Commissioned MOU re Daylight Savings Time and Pacific Standard Time 2018-2020

Guild Limited/Non-Commissioned Agreement 2018-2021        

Guild Limited/Non-Commissioned MOU Article 1_Janus 2018-2021

Guild Limited/Non-Commissioned MOU re Senior Records Specialist Assignment 2018-2021

Guild Limited/Non-Commissioned MOU re 4-day 10-hour Work Schedule 2018-2021