Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement is primarily responsible for enforcing the sections of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code ( that address public health and safety, as well as quality of life issues. These reports are often addressed and handled in conjunction with other city departments and/or local and state agencies.

When a report is filed, a Code Enforcement Officer will verify that there is a violation of Lake Stevens Municipal Code (LSMC). If so, Code Enforcement will work with the property owner and/or occupant to gain voluntary compliance through education and outreach. Failure to comply within the specified timeline may result in enforcement Chapter 17.20 ENFORCEMENT PROCESS ( As time allows, a Code Enforcement Officer may proactively address violations observed while on routine patrol.  

Spring and summer bring a deal of activities around the lake.  Be sure to read the Dock Frequently Asked Questions Handout to avoid a Stop Work Order and fines from the City of Lake Stevens and other organizations.

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Nuisance Complaints - LSMC Chapter 9.60

  • Inoperable and/or junk vehicles - private property
  • Uncovered trash or abandoned materials
  • Conditions which, due to lack of maintenance or cleanliness, could potentially attract, harbor, or cause the infestation of pests is prohibited.
  • Landscape maintenance / Overgrown vegetation
  • Hours of Work allowed
  • Living in RV/Motorhome

Land Use - LSMC Chapter 14

  • Impervious Surface violations
  • Land Disturbance
  • Clearing/Grading without a permit
  • Critical area and Wetland violations
  • Shoreline Management violations
  • Setback requirements
  • Accessory Structure requirements
  • Sign violations
  • Building Permits required
  • Fences, Hedges, and Walls

Storm and Surface Water Management - LSMC Chapter 11

  • Prohibited/Allowable Conditional Discharges and Connections

* Any code enforcement-related questions may be referred to the Planning/Building Department, 425-622-9400 or

** Please call the Police non-emergency number:

(425) 407-3999, to report parking violations, noise, and animal complaints.

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