Code Enforcement


This department is primarily responsible for enforcing the sections of the Lake Stevens Municipal Code that address public health and safety, as well as quality of life issues. These complaints are sometimes handled conjointly with other city departments and local agencies.

The city's code enforcement policy is to investigate violations upon receiving a written complaint.  The city does not proactively seek out or enforce code violations unless issues are discovered that endanger health or safety.

Some of the primary duties of this department include:

  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Accumulations of garbage and debris
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Illegal Property Occupation
Code enforcement FAQs
  • Overgrown Vegetation
  • Nuisance Vehicles
  • Parking Violations (on private property)
Code violation report

Common Nuisance Complaints

Garbage and Debris

  • Accumulations of trash or broken or decrepit items are prohibited.
  • Conditions which, due to lack of maintenance or cleanliness, could potentially attract, harbor, or cause the infestation of pests is prohibited.

Vehicles & Machinery

Any vehicle that is stored in view of neighboring public and/or private property must be mechanically able to function or legally operate on a public roadway, including current license tabs.  All vehicles must be kept free of natural debris accumulation so as not to appear abandoned.

The following are prohibited in residential neighborhoods:

  • Accumulations of machinery or parts visible to other properties.
  • Repairing more than one vehicle at a time.
  • Allowing vehicle fluids to enter any water or sewer system or cause a potential health or safety concern.
  • Working on vehicles that are not registered to an owner / occupant of the property or currently licensed.
  • Vehicles left unattended on temporary blocks or jacks or any inoperable vehicle.
  • RVs, boats, occasional use vehicles not kept in a clean, safe manner or that cause the appearance of an accumulation of nuisance vehicles.
  • Storage or repair of vehicles on public right of way.
  • Selling or displaying for sale more than four vehicles per year.

Parking / Abandoned Vehicles

  • All violations of state & city parking laws may be enforced.
  • Vehicles (RVs, boats, trailers, etc) may not be parked (stored) on city streets or rights of way for more than 72 hours. Vehicles found to be in violation of this law may be towed and / or the owner may be cited. It is unlawful to periodically move a vehicle from one location on public property to another location on public property in an effort to avoid compliance.

How To Report Violations

  • Code violations that do not constitute an immediate threat to public life and/or safety may be reported using the online reporting form.
  • Any code related questions may be referred to the Planning/Building Department at 425-622-9400.