Lake Stevens Profile

Less than 3 miles east of Everett and less than 40 miles from downtown Seattle, Lake Stevens, Washington shares the name of the lake it surrounds and is nestled between the beautiful Cascade Range and Puget Sound. The city’s vision is to be “one community around the lake” with a vibrant economy, modern infrastructure, top-ranked schools, and exceptional quality of life for residents and businesses alike.  

Lake Stevens’ growth is outpacing the rest of Snohomish County. With a population of 36,000, the number of citizens who call Lake Stevens home has increased 82% since 2000.


Approximately 56 percent of Lake Stevens’ residents are considered Baby Boomers or Gen Xers. These population segments are either beginning their career or are at the height of it, are families, and have a median household income of $76,657.


Business in Lake Stevens