Lake Safety

The Lake Stevens Public Safety Subcommittee has partnered with Lake Stevens Police and Planning and Community Development to increase safety on Lake Stevens. In June, Lake Stevens City Council approved a program and establish a task force to study the outcomes of the pilot program to enable future development of the Lake Safety Program. The elements of the pilot program are:

  1. Install signage including the rules of the lake, in an abridged form, and illustrative lake map at Wyatt Park, Lundeen Park, North Cove and Sunset Beach in highly visible locations.
  2. Distribute the rules of the lake via mail, social media, and website to waterfront owners and media.
  3. Record time and location of violations and increase enforcement in those areas.
  4. Place safety markers (navigational buoys) in Lake Stevens at Wyatt Park and Lundeen Park in accordance with map locations. Markers will be spaced approximately 200 to 300 lineal feet apart and approximately 100-feet waterward from the closest dock. The proposal envisions closer spacing in high-traffic areas and will be further apart in front of residential areas.
  5. Conduct post program interview with homeowners where buoys are placed.
Some of the elements of the program have begun, including the placement of safety markers near Lundeen Park and Wyatt Park, and police department tracking of lake violations. Postcard mailings will be sent within the next week to neighbors. There will be a public meeting scheduled to for community feedback, and a task force will be assembled. Please contact Jill Meis, 425.377.3226 for further information.