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Project Information

The City of Lake Stevens is evolving from a small town to a large city. With growth in area and population, the City continues to create a distinctive identity and community that values public spaces.  

To accomplish the long-held goal of accommodating the demand for new and improved city services in our community, the City, Sno-Isle Libraries, and Lake Stevens Sewer District are exploring the potential to build a joint civic campus. 

The City lead an exploratory process in 2021 to identify alternatives for the development of the properties located near 99th Avenue NE and Market Place in the Chapel Hill area. The City owns two parcels of land and Sno-Isle Libraries owns two parcels at this location. 

This process included significant community engagement to develop plan alternatives for this facility as a more efficient and inviting space for residents and visitors.  This input was especially critical in setting the vision for a future library and city services building.

The library was relocated to a new location on Grade Road that will continue to serve the community of Lake Stevens to allow the city to complete its revisions to North Cove Park.

The Lake Stevens Sewer District is interested in evaluating potential cost savings that may be a result of a shared location with the City of Lake Stevens and Sno-Isle Libraries. Their goal is to continue building and maintaining infrastructure to support growth in the community while ensuring compliance with all Federal and State laws. 

They are grateful for the opportunity to investigate the potential for a partnership with the City of Lake Stevens to construct a multi-agency civic center, and their interest during this exploratory process is evaluating long-term value to current rate payers.  This evaluation will be critical in determining if such participation provides neutral to positive Rate Payer Value (RPV).

The City, Sno-Isle Libraries, and the District invite the community to maintain its high level of public engagement and involvement by visiting this website for current information and updates.

Public engagement included direct community surveys to identify community preferences for civic facilities and to receive feedback about the conceptual site designs for the civic center.  Additionally, several public presentations occurred throughout the process.  The consultants studied delivery options, provided updated space needs, and included cost estimates and market analysis for the project.  Following the public process, the Lake Stevens City Council, Sno-Isle, and the District agreed on a preferred alternative, which includes two buildings, shared parking, outdoor learning and meeting spaces along with a small café space.

The vision for the joint civic center is to become more than a place to conduct City business; the civic center will be a source of pride and community identification. It will include safe, efficient, customer-friendly spaces for City administrative functions, Sewer District offices, and a world-class community library.

Preferred Civic Center Alternative

Community Outreach

Input and involvement from the community and City staff are critical to developing solutions for addressing current and future facility needs

  1. Presentations
  2. public meetings
  3. events and outreach

Over the course of this project, the Project Team will meet with and present to a number of community groups and organizations, to share the vision of the project and garner feedback.

Preliminary Alternatives Presentation Slideshow - April 8, 2021

Final Preferred Concept Slideshow – August 18, 2021