Parks Capital Project Planning

Lake Stevens Parks have a wide range of amenities and offerings to contribute to a high quality of life for the community and visitors.  

Park projects and prioritization are considered based on need, opportunity, budget and maintenance, and review of current levels of service and goals of the Comprehensive Plan.  The parks element of the comprehensive plan is found in chapter 5. 

This page will show current and future capital park projects. 

  • Davies Beach - Low float deck, pier restoration, and LE relocation
  • North Cove Park - Water tower, skate park elements, water feature extension, Mill Spur depot building, drainage, dry wells, row dock fix, guest moorage
  • Frontier Heights - Phase II development
  • South Lake Stevens Road - expand the walking trail
  • Centennial Woods - Pump track and climbing wall
  1. 20th Street Ballfields and Dog Park
  2. Cedarwood Community center
  3. Eagle Ridge Park
  4. Frontier Heights Park

In 2020 the Lake Stevens City Council adopted the first Trails Master program.  One of the priorities of the plan was a trail corridor in the alignment of the 20th Street Ballfields extending north to the city of Marysville.  The property was analyzed to see if developing a trailhead, non-motorized trail, dog park, and multi-use field was possible.  A preliminary plan emerged in 2021.

In June 2021, the Parks and Recreation Planning Board hosted an open house for the 20th Street Ballfield property, the preliminary plan was brought forward with updated information on landscape design, playground footprint, and increased parking based on public input.  The community survey results were presented from the public survey on preferred options including playground design, preferred materials, dog park amenities and location, and general park feel. 

This project is important as it satisfies several priorities from the community.  Trails and athletic fields are important to the community and always score very high in surveys and public outreach.   The project is scheduled for completion in 2024.

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Powerline Trail Lake Stevens Overview Map 2021-7-9 Opens in new windowLake Stevens Updated Westside Trail Map Opens in new window