Lean Six Sigma Training

What is Lean Six Sigma? 

It's a problem-solving methodology that helps teams to work more efficiently and efficiently while better meeting the needs of their customers. It is heavily focused on learning and improving culture in the workplace too! 

Here at the City of Lake Stevens, we offer Lean Six Sigma Training at the Green Belt and Black Belt levels through our Lean Center of Excellence. Our training is focused on Lean in Government, however, the tools and concepts can be used in any industry or profession. 


When is the next training?

Green Belt Certification Training is scheduled to start on March 26, 2024. For more class information and registration please follow this link: https://secure.rec1.com/WA/lake-stevens-wa/catalog/index?filter=dGFiJTVCMTcwMzklNUQ9MSZzZWFyY2g9JnJlbnRhbCU1QmZyb20lNUQ9JnJlbnRhbCU1QnRvJTVEPQ==

Save the date! 

Black Belt Training will start September 17, 2024! Information and registration will be available soon.

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