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The Mill on Lake Stevens

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Max Occupancy 461

The Mill on Lake Stevens (The Mill) is a multi-use building located in the heart of Old Town Lake Stevens, at North Cove Park.  It is a versatile rental space with two levels, and is available for a variety of city, community and private events, including home to the City Council Chambers. 

Containing three distinct meeting spaces, The Sawyers Room, Hartford Hall and the Stack, the Sawyers Room is reserved for City Council, public meetings and City business Monday through Thursday, and available for private rental Friday through Sunday.

The covered plaza shelter outside of the building is also available for events such as a family picnic or birthday party. 

The entire Mill is available to rent, or a combination of these spaces, for any social occasion or business need like corporate retreats or small conferences.

Rentals must be reserved a minimum of 21 days before the date is needed.


  1. Hartford Hall

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  2. Outdoor plaza

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  3. Rent the entire Mill

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  4. Sawyers Room

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  5. The Stack

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