Getting feedback from the community we serve is important:

Our goal is providing professional polices services to you and hearing from you (no matter if it’s positive or negative) is how we know if are accomplishing that goal or need to improve our process. 

There are easy ways to send us feedback straight from home:

1. Online Safety Survey:

Our Online Safety Survey is a quick 10-question survey that allows people to self-report their feelings of safety in their neighborhood and satisfaction with police services. The information received from this survey is used by administrators and shared with the officers providing the services.

2. Message Us:  

 Use our online message form to send us your general comments, provide information, praise an employee, or ask questions about our operations.

3. Department Complaints

Building trust between law enforcement and the community is crucial for effective policing. It's vital that a police department fosters trust and reliability within its community, delivering public safety services with fairness and impartiality. Sustaining this relationship requires maintaining public confidence in the department's commitment to thoroughly investigate and fairly address any claims of misconduct by its personnel.

The Department Complaint Form should be completed whenever an employee of the Lake Stevens Police Department has allegedly acted in an improper manner. This can include, but is not limited to alleged illegal, unethical or unprofessional conduct.