Pet Licensing/Control

Many of us consider our pets part of the family. A pet license ensures that, should this non-speaking member of the family go missing, your dog or cat will be returned safely. While we believe pets bring great joy to our all lives, please note that Lake Stevens’ residents are limited to owning three dogs and/or cats per household.

One of the perks of being a resident of Lake Stevens is a ‘life-time tag’ for your pets. It’s $20 and only $4 for a replacement tag. Animal tags are free if:

· If you license your dog or cat within 60 days of ownership
· If you are a senior citizen (62+ years old)
· For guide dogs and service animals.

Online Pet License

  • The pet licensing process is now online!
  • Please follow the below link labeled "Pet License Portal"
Pet License Portal

Lost and Found Pets

We hope your pet never goes missing, but if it does know that the Lake Stevens Animal Control makes every attempt to contact you and return pets to their owners. However, ultimately it boils down to your responsibility. If you do lose this furry family member, check with the Lake Stevens Police Department (425) 334-9537, the Everett Animal Shelter (425) 257-6000, and other regional animal shelters.

Enforcement of Laws and Ordinances Relating To Animals

All Lake Stevens’ animal regulations can be found in Lake Stevens Municipal Code Title 5.