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Lake Stevens Police
2211 Grade Rd.
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

My ID Club
Being actively involved in the community, we were able to see firsthand the numerous challenges faced by parents and guardians when trying to keep their children safe in today’s rapidly evolving world.

Have you ever worried that your child may be injured when not in your presence and Emergency Personnel won’t have the vital information necessary to perform? The MY ID Card provides an avenue that any critical medical information can be passed to First Responders in case of injury to the child, including existing medical conditions or allergies.
Have you ever lost track of your child while in a crowded mall, city fair or carnival? The MY ID Card can be given to security personnel immediately, by the child or by the guardian, if they are temporarily lost or separated to ensure a speedy recovery.

How many times have you had to write down critical information about your child to pass along to the babysitter, Grandma or Aunt when they are caring for your child? The MY ID Card:
  • Can be given to another trusted adult who may be caring for the child 
  • Allows parents to feel more secure when their child is being cared for by another trusted adult

Has your child ever expressed fear about Police Officers or other Emergency Personnel? The MY ID Card bridges the gap between children and Law Enforcement.
The Lake Stevens Police Department, in partnership with the Boeing Employees Credit Union, acknowledges the importance of Child Safety and has brought this program to the community. Our goal is to issue photograph / fingerprint identification cards to all children younger than 16, free of charge!

To learn more about obtaining an identification card for your child, please contact the Lake Stevens Police Department at (425) 334-9537.