City Maps

New Public Mapping Portal

The City of Lake Stevens is excited to release a new geographic information services (GIS) portal for the public. The portal will allow a user to download city data in a shapefile, KML, or GeoJSON format. Moreover, the portal is the central repository for mapping applications, Dashboards, and Story Maps published by the City of Lake Stevens moving forward. The old PDF maps displayed below will be uploaded to the new mapping portal shortly. These PDF maps will be made interactive and available on the public mapping portal as soon as possible. Please click the large "LAUNCH GIS PORTAL" text to launch the GIS portal.


Interactive Maps

The City of Lake Stevens is committed to providing interactive maps to facilitate public needs and maintain public safety. These public-facing maps are connected to our internal maps and will reflect daily changes at 11:00 pm. This means you have access to near-real-time data to help facilitate any geographic information inquiry.

Public Works Maps:

Police Maps:

Comprehensive GIS App:


PDF Maps

Know where you live, but not in relation to anything? Check these out. Also find some cool maps on zoning, future plans, hazards, and aerials.
Land Use Map August 2021

Comprehensive Plan


Zoning Map


Shoreline Map

Flood Hazard Thumb.jpg
Flood Hazard Area Map

Address Thumb.jpg
Street and Address Map

LS Aerial thumb.jpg

Lake Stevens Aerial Map