Long Range Planning

With the input from you the public, the Planning Commission, Parks Board, and City Council, this team of planners look to the future to prepare the city’s land use plans and municipal code amendments for future development. See the 2020 Work Plan here.

Special Plans

Subarea Plans

Land Use Advisory Group

At the request of our City Council and our former Mayor, a Land Use Advisory Group was created to research and brainstorm opportunities in our zoning code to increase housing stock diversity throughout the city and promote quality neighborhoods. The Land Use Advisory Group was guided by the following project goals:

  • Define what new development should look like in standard subdivisions for properties within and outside city limits considering the current land supply;
  • Define innovative housing tools that will support more diverse neighborhoods with a mix of housing types; and
  • Define an infill toolbox for re-developable and partially vacant properties.

Over the course of eight meetings throughout 2019, staff and the advisory group conducted a visual preference survey, an audit of zoning codes from multiple jurisdictions, and planning commission reviewed draft code. The materials from each meeting are available below.

Common themes expressed by the group focused on promoting more diversity in neighborhoods, efficiency in development and community aesthetic. As a result of the Land Use Advisory Group staff has drafted three zoning code amendments: Updated Subdivisions Regulations in 14.18, Updated Residential Dimensional Standards in 14.48, and New Infill Housing Standards in 14.46. For more information on these amendments please visit their independent tabs on this page.


January 16, 2019 : Meeting Agenda, Presentation   May 15, 2019: Meeting AgendaPresentation   
February 20, 2019: Meeting AgendaPresentation   July 17, 2019: Meeting AgendaPresentation   
March 20, 2019: Meeting AgendaPresentation   July 31, 2019: Meeting AgendaPresentation   
April 17, 2019: Meeting AgendaPresentation   August 21, 2019: Meeting Agenda   

Code Development

The city is currently developing several codes to implement the comprehensive plan, related special plans, and state law. Click on the projects below to learn more about them.


The proposed Infill Housing code amendment focuses on changes to Chapter 14.46 Innovative Housing Option Program. The amendment has two parts; the first part removed duplicate review process for innovative housing projects that already existed in other areas of the zoning code. The second part include the addition of Part III; Infill Development including the additions of eligibility criteria, dimensional standards and design standards. This code amendment is one of the amendments related to the Land Use Advisory Committee process and responsive to House Bill 1923 to increase building supply within the city.

Code Development Process (Permit #LUA2019-0032)
Draft RegulationsState Environmental Policy ActPublic Notice
Current Draft Chapter 14.46
SEPA DeterminationSEPA,
Planning Commission,
Public Hearing with Planning Commission,
Public Hearing with City Council