Long Range Planning

With the input from you the public, the Planning Commission, Parks Board, and City Council, this team of planners look to the future to prepare the city’s land use plans and municipal code amendments for future development. See the 2020 Work Plan here.

Special Plans

Subarea Plans

Waterfront Residential Task Force

Second Task Force Meeting Scheduled for August 26 

The Waterfront Residential Task Force was formed in July 2020 to consider potential updates to the city’s Waterfront Residential zoning district, including the possibility of allowing some level of multifamily development along the lakefront. The task force is comprised of 11 members as well as representatives from the Planning Commission and City Council. The first meeting was held on July 29, and included an introduction to the land use and zoning framework in the city as well as a discussion of the project history and goals. Task force members asked city staff to provide additional information on a variety of topics at their second meeting, which is scheduled for August 26 at 7 pm via the Zoom online meeting platform. For additional information on the process, please contact Senior Planner  (dlevitan@lakestevenswa.gov or 425-622-9425)or see the press release.

Code Development

The city is currently developing several codes to implement the comprehensive plan, related special plans, and state law. Click on the projects below to learn more about them.

  1. Mobile Vending Unit
  2. Multi-family Tax Exemption

Mobile Vending Unit (AKA Food Truck) Code Amendment

Earlier this year, Council directed staff to begin exploration of a food truck ordinance, as food trucks are currently only allowed when associated with a City authorized event. Council wished to develop an interim ordinance pursuant to RCW 36.70A.390, which was passed on May 26, 2020. Under the ordinance, mobile vending units such as food trucks are allowed on commercially zoned private property and public property such as parks and the right-of-way.  If you wish to apply under the interim ordinance, please see our application and checklist. Submittal materials can be emailed to Jennie Fenrich at jfenrich@lakestevenswa.gov.

Planning Commission held a public hearing on the current draft for the permanent ordinance on August 5, 2020. Click here for the full meeting agenda and exhibit items. The public hearing at City Council is anticipated to be held in September. For additional information on this project, please contact Jill Needham at 425-622-9425 or jneedham@lakestevenswa.gov.

Code Development Process
Draft RegulationsState Environmental Policy ActPublic Notice
Interim Regulations Ord. 1090
Draft Regulations
SEPA DeterminationPublic Hearing Planning Commission