Parks Capital Projects

Lake Stevens Parks have a wide range of amenities and offerings to contribute to a high quality of life for the community and visitors.  

Park projects and prioritization are considered based on need, opportunity, budget and maintenance, and review of current levels of service and goals of the Comprehensive Plan.  The parks element of the comprehensive plan is found in chapter 5. 

This page will show current and future capital park projects. 

  • Davies Beach - Low float deck, pier restoration, and LE relocation
  • North Cove Park - Water tower, skate park elements, splash pad extension, Mill Spur depot building, drainage, dry wells, row dock fix, guest moorage
  • Frontier Heights - Phase II development
  • South Lake Stevens Road - expand the walking trail
  • Centennial Woods - Pump track and climbing wall
  1. Eagle Ridge Park
  2. Sunset Beach Park
  3. Cedarwood Community center
  4. 20th Street Ballfields and Dog Park

Eagle Ridge Park conceptual drawing for new park design Eagle Ridge Park was originally master planned in 2010 and 2012.  This project was put on hold due to budget and time constraints until Phase I began in 2017.  The amenities included in Phase I was community gardens, a shed, fencing, a rain garden, parking, and signage.  These garden beds are available to rent by the public each year.  

In 2020, City staff applied for and received a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant through Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office for Phase II and III of the project.  

On February 8, 2023, the City held an open house to discuss any potential changes to the previous plan. The meeting was recorded and public comments were accepted through February 17th. Watch the Parks and Recreation Planning Board Meeting and Open House for Eagle Ridge Park.  

The next steps will be to design and engineer the project. This project will add:

  • A playground
  • A restroom
  • An amphitheater/outdoor classroom
  • A rentable picnic shelter
  • Leisure space
  • Paved looped trail
  • Improve accessibility

This project will not:

  • Change the community garden area
  • Change the senior center
  • Address the existing trail system (which may come later)
  • Alter any other public use

To learn more about the Eagle Ridge Masterplan, visit the Masterplan document.