Sunset Beach Park Renovation

Sunset Beach Park Perspective Sketch

  Project Manager  

Erik Mangold
Capital Projects Manager

  Project Status  

Project Awarded - On Schedule
Construction to Began - 8/08/23

  Project Timeline  

50 Working Days
Scheduled Project Completion ~ Mid-October

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Sunset Beach Park was transferred to the City from Snohomish County in August 2021.  After an initial assessment of the site was completed, the City hired a consultant to develop a draft design taking into consideration existing site features.  

Based on the City’s adopted level of service and identified site concerns, certain elements emerged as priorities: safety repairs to the dock, erosion along the shoreline, parking issues, and overall accessibility. 

A draft concept design was prepared that addresses these issues and includes landscaping, permanent restroom facilities, shade structures, furniture, garbage receptacles, and leisure areas.  After Coordination with the public to find what would best suit the needs of our community, The city was able to work with KPG PSOMAS to develop a park that would revitalize this property and provide a more inviting, accessible, and better utilized space for this pocket park.

The city solicited for bids at the end of May 2023. The bid opening was held June 16, 2023. on June 27, 2023, City Council Awarded the contract to Coast Construction Group  Construction is set to begin early July, and is scheduled for 50 working days (roughly 2-1/2 months) 

Plans for the Park renovation can be found here.

Sunset Beach_Pre Development
Proposed Dock Plan and Profile

Sunset Beach dock replacement will be a separate project happening concurrently with the Park Improvements. The goal of this project is to remove the deteriorating wooden structure and pilings and install a new metal dock structure that remains out of the water. This new dock will have a non-slip, Thru-flow decking, similar to the decking on the floating docks at Davies Beach. The new structure will give the pier a longer life span while retaining it's "swim dock" feel.

The dock replacement will be scheduled during the Department of Fish and Wildlife's construction window timing to minimize the disturbance of native flora and fauna. 

The project is set for a bid opening of July 13, 2023. Check back for the results of the bid opening!

Plans for the dock replacement can be found here