City Clerk


The City Clerk's Office serves the Mayor and the City Council, all administrative departments, and the public. This office is called upon to provide information about the community, maintain the record of ordinances and laws of the city, prepare and distribute City Council agenda materials, and attend City Council meetings and prepare the official minutes of actions taken. The City Clerk’s office processes contracts, deeds, and easements. Appointments to volunteer boards and commissions are also coordinated through this office, and staff supports the various boards and commissions by attending meetings and preparing minutes.

About the City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk’s Office is comprised of two employees, Kelly Chelin, City Clerk, and Caitlin Weaver, Deputy City Clerk. 

It might not sound very exciting to some, but in the City Clerk’s office they love records and they kind of have to because they are responsible for A LOT of paper and official records.  It’s very important that all records are filed, stored, and maintained.  For example, this department accurately recording and preserving the actions of the City Council, safeguard vital, historic, and permanent records of the City.  

Oftentimes, the City Clerk’s office is seen as a general information center for the public by making all of these records accessible to the public.  All public records requests start in the City Clerk’s office, although you can find a lot of information on the City’s website.