Paid Leave

Vacation Leave* 

Vacation hours are earned on a monthly basis according to the following schedule:

  • 1 through 12 months of employment        8.00 hrs./month (96 hrs./year)
  • 13 through 36 months of employment      9.33 hrs./month (112 hrs./year)
  • 37 through 60 months of employment     10.66 hrs./month (128 hrs./year)
  • 61 through 120 months of employment   12.00 hrs./month (144 hrs./year)
  • 121 through 180 months of employment 14.00 hrs./month (168 hrs./year)
  • 181 through 240 months of employment 16.33 hrs./month (196 hrs./year)
  • 241 or more months of employment        16.66 hrs./month (200 hrs./year)

Pro-rated for part-time employees. Does not apply to temporary employees.

Sick Leave*

Front-load of an 80-hour bank at start of employment, followed by eight (8) hours accrued per month beginning with eleventh month of employment. Pro-rated for part-time employees. 

Temporary employees receive one (1) hour of sick leave for every 40 hours worked.

Cash-out of sick leave to HRA may be available at retirement or separation in good standing.


Regular City employees receive ten (10) paid date-specific holidays, plus two (2) floating holidays per year. (Pro-rated if starting mid-year).

Military Leave
Bereavement Leave
Shared Leave
Family and Medical Leave (FMLA and PFML)

*Refer to collective bargaining agreements for positions represented by a Union or Guild.