Annual Comprehensive Plan Docket

2023 Comprehensive Plan Docket Adopted on March, 21, 2023

Every year, citizens have the opportunity to request amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and its implementing ordinances through a process known as "docketing", which is outlined in RCW 36.70A.470(2). Docket proposals are accepted through January 31st of each year for consideration during the current year and provide citizens with the opportunity to voice their opinion on how the city should take shape.

All citizen-initiated amendment proposals received by January 31st are analyzed against the amendment and ratification criteria in the Comprehensive Plan Introduction (Chapter 1). Ratification of the 2023 docket requires public hearings before both the Planning Commission and City Council.  Planning Commission was briefed on February 15, 2023 and City Council unanimously approved the docket during a public hearing on March 21, 2023.

On  June 26, 2023 the Planning Commission held a work session to review a detailed analysis of how each of the proposed amendments comply with the ratification criteria in Section H Revisions and Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan (page 1-19). The next steps to review and adopt the docket are listed below.

Tentative Review Schedule:

  • Issue the SEPA Addendum and 60-Day Notice of Intent to Adopt to the Washington State Department of Commerce
  • July 11, 2023, City Council Work Session
  • September 6, Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • September 26, 2023, City Council Public Hearing, and tentative adoption date

Details for each of the 2023 Annual Docket proposals are available on Citizens Connect by searching for LUA2023-0041. In brief, the 2023 Docket consists of statistical and demographic updates to Chapter 2 of the Land Use Element, two city-initiated requests and one citizen-initiated request.

Read more about the city’s comprehensive plan here.  Please contact Christi Schmidt at for more information. 

Upcoming 2024 Periodic Update to The Comprehensive Plan 

The city has started on the state mandated periodic update to the city’s Comprehensive Plan and development regulations which are required to be adopted by December 31st, 2024. The State of Washington’s Periodic Update Schedule can be viewed at PeriodicUpdate_ScheduleMap_09-22.pdf | Powered by Box

Public Engagement Plan

Preliminary Audit

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